Advocacy. It’s not political and doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s the single most effective strategy for impact, leadership and overall effectiveness. So what’s holding you back?

A reluctant board, elusive funding, stakeholders who just don’t get it or a staff that needs more training and support to stay motivated and on task?

You exist to make a difference yet these obstacles are preventing you from achieving the results you desire: greater impact, increased funding, the ability to leverage resources more effectively, and an aligned team and board.

We build resourceful champions of change who can fulfill and better fund their missions with advocacy.

Our Approach: Building Stronger, More Effective Organizations with our Unique AdvocacyForward Approach

We teach, train and consult to organizations with an interest in establishing advocacy as a strength by delivering targeted support to senior leaders and their boards. Whether you and your team are are new to advocacy or you want to grow your impact, we can help you create an Action Plan to move your advocacy forward. Included in our development of a plan is working with your board and other stakeholders to illuminate the difference advocacy can make for your organization.

Our unique approach to advocacy is based on nearly two decades worth of experience that shows achieving external impact, requires having the right knowledge, skills and understanding in place first. It’s not about systems change. Its about changing your systems. Our AdvocacyForward AdvocacyForward approach, ensures your advocacy work is firmly connected with mission so you can lead with integrity.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is simply the act of being publicly engaged on an issue you care about for the purpose of advancing your mission and affecting change at a broader level than is possible through service or programs alone. It involves taking a big picture view of the larger system in which your nonprofit operates. It might be focused on changing government policies or public opinion.

There’s a New View of Advocacy. Watch this video to learn more about AdvocacyForward.

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