You’re a Changemaker. You exist to make a difference.
Let’s Amplify Your Voice!

Women’s March on Washington photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash.

The world needs you now more than ever. But you can’t make a difference when you’re disconnected from your voice.

When your voice is quiet you are giving your power away.

And you remain invisible, allowing others to define your issues.

According to an Aspen Institute survey, most changemakers are silent, using their voice only sporadically.

Fear, confusion and a lack of support can all serve to overwhelm and disconnect you from your voice and your influence. And cause you to play smaller than you were meant to play.

When you focus on the negative that’s what you get. When you focus on the difficulties and your fears around advocacy, that’s what shows up.

That’s where I come in. I help changemakers find their voice in their work and in the world.

I coach leaders of change to clear confusion and reconnect to their voice in the world.

I accelerate your impact through:

  • Private Coaching Sessions
  • Organizational Trainings/ Retreats
  • Board Trainings/Retreats
  • Transformational Workshops

Together, we can co-create a pathway to activate your influence, build momentum, and create the impact that previously seemed out of reach.

With two decades of experience as a nonprofit lawyer and advocate, I understand the challenges you’re facing. I’ve spoken to and helped hundreds of change making leaders trade confusion for connection and scalable (and sustainable) impact.