Are you a nonprofit leader who is longing for more impact and greater visibility for your mission?

Does this sound familiar? Your organization is working harder then ever. You’ve increased the number of people you serve through programs and expanded your communications efforts to reach even more. Yet you still feel like the best kept secret in your community.

You are aware the landscape is shifting and an increasing number of bad policies and decisions are adversely impacting the people and issues you care about serving. Maybe you’re a community based environmental group concerned about federal funding cuts that will decimate the sacred spaces you’re committed to protecting and unsure how to have your voice heard by state and federal lawmakers. Or, you’re a housing provider for low income and elderly clients and are concerned about the loss of affordable housing in your community and feel like you need to more actively engaged with state and local officials to educate them on the problem. You feel overwhelmed by how to do it and fit one more thing on your already overcrowded plate.

It is possible to serve more people with greater impact while increasing your visibility and stature in your community and not to feel overwhelmed while doing it.

If you are looking for support to expand your reach, increase your impact while meeting your mission for decades to come, then you’re in the right place.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is simply the act of being publicly engaged on an issue you care about for the purpose of advancing your mission and affecting change at a broader level than is possible through service or programs alone. It involves taking a big picture view of the larger system in which your nonprofit operates. It might be focused on changing government policies or public opinion.

There’s a New View of Advocacy. Watch this video to learn more about our AdvocacyForward (TM) view and approach to advocacy.

How do you get started?

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