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When Our Culture is More Focused on Doing Things Right Than Doing the Right Thing, Creating Change Can Be Really Hard

I like to brag to people that although I never made millions practicing environmental public interest law and advocacy, I always woke up every day excited to be part of an organization that was literally working to change the world. After a decade of working for advocacy organizations, I switched gears and went to work… Read more »

3 Lessons the Parkland, Florida Students Can Teach Us About Being Warriors For Change

These past few weeks since the horrific February 14 shooting at Marjorie Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, it’s nearly impossible to turn on a news outlet and not see the gripping image of Emma Gonzalez and her classmates speaking their truth fiercely and ardently to Florida lawmakers, Senator Marco Rubio, President Trump and,… Read more »

What Does Advocacy Have In Common with the Mexican Train Game? (Or Advocacy Superpower #2)

Last weekend I flew to Phoenix to deliver a training to members of the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies. The Network is a brand new entity that resulted from the merging of two separate networks. The CEOs came together in their first formal meeting to discuss how they could use advocacy to advance their… Read more »

Advocacy is a Leadership Strategy

Throughout my career I had the privilege of working in some pretty fantastic and diverse organizations,  including a law and policy center, a law firm, and three different membership organizations.    I learned a lot about advocacy and different leadership styles. Most fundamentally, I learned that Advocacy is a leadership strategy. It’s about doing the… Read more »