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5 Steps to Impact With an AdvocacyForward Mindset

Let’s face it. Over the last decade the policy environment for nonprofit organizations has gotten progressively worse, particularly in states like Illinois. In many cases, organizations wait for months for funding that’s owed them, while policies impacting their operations and the issues they care about are frequently changing with little notice. For years now its… Read more »

Newsletter: My New Years Resolution

Dear Friends: In spite of the bitter cold this time of year is my favorite because its ripe with possibilities for new beginnings. Have you made your list of resolutions? Or are you like a lot of us who dread them? For years I dreaded them, until I connected with an approach that resonated with… Read more »

Newsletter: How I found My Purpose

Dear Friends, In 1993 I went to law school because I wanted to change the world. As a non-profit lawyer, I joined forces with others to advocate for the protections of our nation’s waterways. Ten years later,I became restless and heeded a call to serve as the Vice President for Policy at Donors Forum, helping… Read more »

What’s the Advocacy Advantage? Or A Tale of Two Nonprofits

By Laurel O’Sullivan, Principal and Founder, The Advocacy Collaborative, LLC Consider two immigration-focused nonprofits, both well respected with long standing ties to the community. “Nonprofit A” devotes their programmatic efforts to serving individuals on a case-by-case basis, helping them as they wade through an ocean of paperwork and red tape. The second organization, “Nonprofit B”,… Read more »