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What Does Advocacy Have In Common with the Mexican Train Game? (Or Advocacy Superpower #2)

Last weekend I flew to Phoenix to deliver a training to members of the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies. The Network is a brand new entity that resulted from the merging of two separate networks. The CEOs came together in their first formal meeting to discuss how they could use advocacy to advance their… Read more »

ADVOCACYFORWARD™ CASE STUDY: How having a clearly defined purpose for advocacy propelled the Monmouth County Historical Association forward

If you’d like to receive some free support and advice on how to have more impact with advocacy sign up for my free Ebook – “10 Common Advocacy Mistakes to Avoid When Leading With Advocacy” here Challenge: How do you raise the stature and funding for a long standing and insular organization? With a… Read more »

Moving Your Board Toward Advocacy

Let’s face it. Getting boards on board with advocacy is not for the faint of heart. As a long time nonprofit lawyer turned strategist, I’ve experienced firsthand how barriers to nonprofit engagement in advocacy can frustrate mission fulfillment and board engagement. For starters, there are overly complex tax laws to educate your board on. Then… Read more »


Challenge: How do you build and sustain a successful advocacy coalition capable of enduring changing political landscapes and inconsistent funding? The North Carolina Alliance for Health is a statewide membership-based coalition founded in 2002 to advocate for policies that promote wellness and reduce the impacts of tobacco and obesity. Founding members American Heart Association, American… Read more »

How to Cultivate a Commitment to Advocacy in Your Nonprofit Board

Last month over lunch a colleague who also happens to be the CEO of a small family foundation asked me, “what does an AdvocacyForward™ board look like?” It was perfect timing as I will be speaking on this topic at multiple conferences this fall. For most nonprofits, getting their board on board with advocacy can… Read more »