We will be offering Demystifying Advocacy on a monthly basis starting January 30, 2017, gradually adding more course offerings in 2017 as demand requires.

Course 1: Demystifying Advocacy

In this introductory course, you’ll receive individual coaching guidance along with key pieces of information to overcome common barriers to advocacy so you can shift your organization’s mindset from feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced to one of excitement about the possibilities for advocacy. In addition, to an individual capacity assessment strategy session with Laurel, participants will receive a template to create an Advocacy Action Plan. The Plan will identify the key developmental capacities that are required to move your organization’s advocacy efforts forward while identifying your organization’s unique assets and opportunities.

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Course 2: Advocacy Fundamentals – Building The Foundation for a Successful Advocacy Organization

You will learn how to build the key scaffolding needed to support your advocacy work including: 1) How to cultivate a culture of advocacy 2) developing clear aspirational building blocks and 3) Identifying and developing the necessary structures, processes and policies to support and integrate advocacy across your organization.

Course 3: Developing Influence by Creating a Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Stakeholders are a key driver of influence for nonprofits, and yet many nonprofits neglect to give engagement enough attention. As a result your credibility and fundraising can suffer. Learn how to avoid this mistake by identifying your most important stakeholders along with the best opportunities for engaging while creating a stakeholder engagement plan. We will also take a deeper dive into how to engage one of your most critical stakeholders—-your board. You will learn how to establish expectations for your board while addressing and overcoming common board concerns so you can more fully tap into their support.

Course 4: Business Planning – Developing Outcomes & an Advocacy Budget

In this course participants will learn the key to creating impact, the importance of outcomes, and a framework for developing them and integrating them with budget planning. You will also go deeper into learning how the different parts of the AdvocacyForward business model framework need to work together to create impact for your organization.

Course 5: AdvocacyForward Fundraising

Learn the keys to integrating advocacy and fundraising, while building a case statement around identifiable outcomes. The case statement is a critical tool for effective advocacy fundraising. Participants will learn how to develop the components of a case statement while incorporating their outcomes identified in Module 4. Pre-requisite: Module 4

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