Is This You?

Is your nonprofit experiencing any of these challenges as it struggles to have more impact, visibility and overall effectiveness in fulfilling its mission?

  • You are uncertain where or how to get started. You’re persistently feeling there is more you can be doing for your clients but you have a lack of clarity on how to get started, despite the fact you have deep expertise to share. You want to move past the uncertainty and leverage your status as a subject matter expert more effectively.You may have even dipped your toe in the water and joined a coalition or signed on to a letter that left you feeling more empowered. But now you aren’t sure how to go deeper and sustain the work.
  • Your organization offers strong programs or client services realize but you have recently come to realize you will never be able to do enough for those you serve through your programs or client services alone. You’re aware the problems facing them are bigger than what your organization can tackle through its programs or services and you would like to begin to engage somehow in impacting larger policy issues affecting your mission.
  • You have limited resources for taking on a new initiative, despite the fact you have strong subject matter expertise. You want to learn how you can leverage limited resources to make a bigger impact while being able to support and fund the work.
  • Your board is committed to your mission but very reluctant to engage in advocacy. They often confuse policy with politics. They have concerns about being more publicly visible and outspoken on issues at the core of your mission along with a lot of confusion as to what is permissible. You would also like to have board members who “get” advocacy or at least understand its importance. You want to move beyond that fear and begin to cultivate not only champions but a strategy and approach they can get behind instead of having endless conversations that seem to end in a lack of consensus and indecisiveness.
  • Our approach works for you and your organization if:

  • Your nonprofit focuses on services or programs and you recognize you could have more impact if you added a complimentary strategy that is more public facing and looks to influence some of the broader issues by educating the public on your mission.
  • You are part of a national network of nonprofits with uneven capacity to engage in advocacy. This unevenness is affecting your ability to be successful at the local and national level. You are looking to even out the disparities through some type of uniform approach to advocacy capacity building
  • You are or have been recently perceived as a leader in your community and yet you have concerns your relevance may be diminishing and you would like to be more publicly engaged on some of the broader local, state or federal issues impacting the clients you serve.
  • You or your organization have had brief or intermittent experience with being engaged publicly around issues that impact your clients or cause but are looking to make a bigger commitment so that this time it “sticks” and really takes root in your organization.
  • Your organization just completed strategic planning and decided to adopt a new approach that requires you to be more publicly engaged on an issue directly related to advancing your mission and now are wondering—how do we do that?
  • You or your organization will benefit the most if:

  • You see yourself as a leader in your community, able to make a positive difference for those you serve.
  • You are committed to publicly educating others on your mission and are in a position to influence others to commit to that same value.
  • You are deeply committed to fulfilling your organization’s mission in the most impactful way possible, understanding it may take some time to yield results.
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