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Is there a gap between your organization’s current leadership and where you want it to be?

Are there barriers or other blocks that stand in the way of your staff, board or network reaching its next level of success?

Most organizations who want to heighten their leadership, individually and organizationally, need to learn new skills and behaviors to make it happen including:

  • How to get comfortable with risk
  • How to exercise influence in a more public way and
  • How to have difficult conversations with key stakeholders like boards and funders.
  • Whether it’s a two hour workshop or a two day retreat, each engagement is focused on meeting your groups’ unique needs through a combination of education, inspiration and motivation. Laurel’s highly engaging and interactive style is grounded in nearly two decades experience as an advocate, resulting in “aha” moments along with needed momentum for your group.

    At the end of your session your group will experience light bulb moments and leave with the needed momentum to move from overwhelm to confidence.

    Signature Trainings

    1. Demystifying Advocacy

    Before nonprofits can create change in the external landscape they need to educate themselves on what’s possible with advocacy. In this training, you’ll receive the key pieces of information needed to shift your organization’s readiness and understanding about advocacy.

      Learning Outcomes
  • Identify and reframe common barriers to sustained advocacy engagement
  • How to make needed mindset shifts to go from feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced to one of excitement about the possibilities for advocacy
  • Discover greater clarity about how advocacy can strengthen your organization
  • Grasp what’s legally permissible with advocacy
  • Assess your organization’s unique capacity to engage in advocacy
  • 2. Getting Your Board on Board

    Too often Board’s confuse policy with politics. In this training your board will learn how to move beyond apprehension and become more confident and comfortable with advocacy as a leadership strategy for the organization.

      Learning Outcomes
  • Assess your board’s advocacy readiness
  • Grasp what Advocacy “Is and Isn’t” along with what is legally permissible
  • Identify common barriers to effective board engagement
  • Receive greater clarity around the board’s role and responsibilities for advocacy
  • Develop tools, tips and strategies for engaging your board more deeply in an ongoing role as an ambassador for the organization
  • 3. The Three Pillars of Effective Advocacy Fundraising

    Fundraising for advocacy doesn’t need to be difficult. Learn the keys to improving your fundraising support for advocacy.

      Learning Outcomes
  • Identify and unlock the key strategy for aligning your advocacy and fundraising engagement efforts for greater impact
  • Develop more defined staff roles and responsibilities for leveraging greater organizational resources and impact
  • Identify the key points to make when making your case to a funder

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