Laurel speaks, teaches, and coaches nonprofits about the power and impact of advocacy in a way that is both energizing and engaging.

Whether she is delivering a keynote or a workshop, she connects the dots in new and different ways between advocacy, leadership, and impact.

Laurel’s approach provides a unique blend of inspiration and information to advance your leadership to the next level of success.


Signature Keynotes

Go from Surviving to Thriving with Advocacy Leadership

Your leadership success depends on the ability to make a difference. Advocacy is the single most effective strategy for achieving impact while advancing your mission. Yet most nonprofits avoid advocacy and only engage sporadically if at all, making it one of the most underutilized leadership strategies. In this thought-provoking keynote, Laurel inspires audience members to move beyond overwhelm and tackle other common fears and barriers. She reframes advocacy as an enjoyable and values-driven process that empowers them to use their voices to advance the mission of their organizations.

Reclaim Your Voice and Awaken the Nonprofit Warrior Within

In this consciousness-raising keynote, Laurel implores nonprofit leaders to consider the cause and the consequences of their mission and society more broadly when they play small in their organizations and in the world. She connects the dots between leaders’ own false beliefs and the impact on their organizations while reframing advocacy as the responsibility of every nonprofit leader. Laurel shares stories and examples from her personal and professional journey to motivate and empower audience members to claim their voice in the public arena.

Laurel has inspired hundreds of nonprofit leaders with her keynotes, workshops, and trainings that reframe advocacy from a tactical activity fraught with peril to a leadership strategy for advancing your mission. Through her interactive workshops and signature program, “Amplify Your Leadership,” Laurel teaches and coaches nonprofit leaders how to move beyond fear and begin making a difference with advocacy. In her previous career, Laurel spent nearly two decades as an environmental nonprofit lawyer and then as a senior leader and advocate with a professional association for foundations. She witnessed first-hand how advocacy can be a powerful force for creating change and aligning your voice with values. She holds a B.A. with honors in political science from Northwestern University and a J.D. with honors from Chicago-Kent IIT College of Law.

Hearing Laurel talk about what advocacy is and is not was eye-opening. She discusses the topic in a clear and matter-of-fact manner. Gaining momentum in the historic preservation community is really about working together to advocate for our shared goals. As a result of what we learned, the Historic Trust has decided to begin some advocacy working groups next Fall with a goal toward enhancing the state’s historic preservation image.

Dorothy Guzzo

Executive Director, New Jersey Historic State Trust

Laurel connected with our diverse audience of nonprofits and foundations during both her plenary and workshops. She connects the dots with advocacy in new and different ways. Our members were energize and engaged and the lightbulbs went off as she shared case studies and framed advocacy in a unique and motivating framework.
Nina Stack

CEO, New Jersey Council of Grantmakers

Laurel’s keynote message was completely on target in its tone and tenor and very relevant. In addition to her content expertise, Laurel was a pleasure to work with in addition to being smart and knowledgeable. She was extremely professional and truly the easiest part of planning the conference.
Dr. Camille Miller

President , Texas Health Institute

Laurel inspired me to become a better advocate for the people we serve. She really helped to reframe and ground advocacy for me as being central to our mission and our values. In fact, I was so inspired that our agency agreed to sign on to a lawsuit challenging the federal travel ban which was adversely impacting our clients’ hope, and endangering their lives. Thank you, Laurel for helping this Executive Director find her voice!
Mindy Berkowitz

Executive Director, Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley

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