Looking for a Speaker to Inspire, Motivate or Transform Your Organization’s Thinking Around Advocacy?

New Jersey Historic Preservation Conference, Seton Hall University June 9th, 2016

Do you have a gathering or group that could benefit from better understanding how advocacy can advance their mission with greater impact? I have spoken to groups of hundreds of nonprofits and love educating and motivating nonprofit leaders about the transformative impact of advocacy. In addition, I’ve spent nearly two decades speaking to thousands of nonprofit organizations as well as appearing in the media throughout my career.

Some of the things I talk about with Advocacy include:

  • How to reach your next level of advocacy success
  • How the Nonprofit Sector Has It All Wrong When It Comes to Advocacy
  • What’s the Difference Between Advocacy & Lobbying?
  • Some approaches I use, include:

  • Inspiration – by reframing Advocacy from a tactical activity fraught with uncertainty to a leadership strategy for transformative change.
  • Illustrating and articulating – in a clear and compelling way what’s possible with advocacy, using case studies of your organization and others.
  • Empathy & understanding – by sharing my own professional and personal journey with Advocacy.

    Membership Associations

    “Laurel connected with out diverse audience of nonprofits and foundations during both her plenary and workshops. She connects the dots with advocacy in new and different ways. Our members were energized and engaged and the lightbulbs went off as she shared case studies and framed advocacy in a unique and motivating framework.”

    – Nina Stack, CEO New Jersey Council of Grantmakers.

    Advocacy Coalitions

    “Laurel’s keynote message was completely on target in its tone and tenor and very relevant. In addition to her content expertise, Laurel was a pleasure to work with in addition to being smart and knowledgeable. She was extremely professional and truly the easiest part of planning the conference.”

    – Dr Camille Miller, President Texas Health Institute.

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  • New Jersey Historic Trust Preservation Association, Annual Meeting, Newark NJ, June 9, 2016 Keynote address, June, 2016
  • Southern Obesity Summit, Keynote address, November 16, 2015
  • Board Source Leadership Forum, November 9, 2015
  • New Jersey Council of Grantmakers Plenary Talk: Lean In To Advocacy & Workshop Leader: Demystifying Advocacy, May 2014
  • Grantmaker Professionals Association, Influencing Policymakers, January, 2015
  • Meet Advisors Video Interview , November 2014
  • Council on Foundations, Tax Reform Webinar, July 2014
  • Alliance for Human Services, Keynote Speaker, Member Meeting, January 2014
  • Council on Foundations, Community Foundations Conference, September 2013
  • National Council of Nonprofits, Contracting Task Force, June 2013
  • Council on Foundations Conference, Washington Update, April 2013
  • Bernstein Wealth Management Advisers, February 2013v
  • Axelson Center Symposium, June 2013
  • Forum for Regional Associations, Policy Works, August 2012
  • Independent Sector Conference, October 2010
  • Maine Association of Nonprofits, Invited Expert, September 2010
  • University of Chicago, School of Social Administration, Guest Lecturer 2010, 2011
  • Independent Sector, Policy Institute October 2009