Advocacy is a Leadership Strategy

Leadership is AdvocacyThroughout my career I had the privilege of working in some pretty fantastic and diverse organizations,  including a law and policy center, a law firm, and three different membership organizations. 
I learned a lot about advocacy and different leadership styles. Most fundamentally, I learned that Advocacy is a leadership strategy. It’s about doing the right thing.But here’s the thing.  During my two decades as a nonprofit advocate I also observed time and time again how hard it can be for individual leaders to do the next right thing. 

It might be a sense that you’re on your own and shouldering all the decision making which feels risky

Or you don’t have room on your plate to take on one more thing, let alone the resources and support you need.

And in the meantime you grow frustrated because you can’t help but think that maybe there is an even bigger and bolder way to leverage your influence.

Don’t worry.  You’re not alone in your frustration.
I’m super excited to be sharing that this Fall I’ll be launching a one-on-one coaching and mentoring program for nonprofit leaders who want to accelerate their impact.  Those who sign up initially will be grandfathered in with beta pricing. If you would like to be on the priority list before I make the full offer, email me on and say, “I’m curious, send me more information”.
In the meantime, check out my latest Facebook Live Video on why I know that Advocacy = Leadership!

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